All Candidates Debate Question Submission – Federal 2021

All questions have been received and have been asked of the candidates. Updates coming soon!!

Here is the invitation email and rules sent to all candidates (as of Sept 3, 2021):

Sent to:

Crystelle Bourguignon – Free Party Canada
Jean-Jacques Desgranges – People’s Party of Canada
Daniel Elford – Libertarian Party of Canada
Mona Fortier – Liberal Party of Canada
Lyse-Pascale Inamuco – New Democratic Party
Heidi Jensen – Conservative Party of Canada
Marie-Chantal TaiEl Leriche – Independent
Christian Proulx – Green Party of Canada

Hi Candidate,
Thank you for taking our democratic system seriously, and throwing your hat in the ring.
We at the Beacon Hill Community Association always have an all-candidates debate before every election. This time around, since we have Covid-19 to contend with, we’re going to do it slightly differently, while still maintaining as close as possible to our standard format.
To that end, here’s how we see it working, and there are some big benefits for you as it won’t require you to spend a full evening at our debate.
We are soliciting questions from our community. When the time has run out for submissions, we will choose our 5 top questions. I will arrange a time with you between Sept 10 and Sept 11 to film you giving your 90 seconds of opening remarks, then I will ask you the 5 questions and you will have 60 seconds to answer each one. Expect about 30-40 minutes for the entire thing. No one will have the questions in advance. Once I have all participating candidates’ answers, I will post them to a private YouTube channel for just the candidates to watch. I will return Sept 12 to 13 to film your rebuttal to those questions, 30 seconds maximum, followed by 60 seconds of closing statement.
The entirety of the recordings will be posted, unedited, for transparency, but the video we will promote will be edited like this (to follow our usual ‘in-person’ debate style):
  1. Welcome message from BHCA
  2. Candidate A opening statement
  3. Candidate B opening statement
  4. Candidate C opening statement
  5. Candidate D opening statement
  6. Candidate E opening statement
  7. Question #1 asked
  8. Candidate B answers #1
  9. Candidate C answers #1
  10. Candidate D answers #1
  11. Candidate E answers #1
  12. Candidate A answers #1
  13. Candidate B responds to #1
  14. Candidate C responds to #1
  15. Candidate D responds to #1
  16. Candidate E responds to #1
  17. Candidate A responds to #1
  18. Question #2 asked
  19. Candidate C answers #2
  20. … (until all 5 questions have been asked, answered, and rebutted/commented)
  21. Closing statement from Candidate B
  22. Closing statement from Candidate C
  23. Closing statement from Candidate D
  24. Closing statement from Candidate E
  25. Closing statement from Candidate A
  26. Closing message from BHCA
We expect to post the Debate Video to the Internet on Tuesday, September 14, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Jeff Kaluski,
President BHCA