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Clean Up The Capital 2023

Clean Up The Capital

Dear Beacon Hillers,

To make this a successful event, we are looking for your recommendations for areas that need cleaning; and, we are looking for Teams and Team Leaders to identify yourselves to before 26 May so we can coordinate the areas you will clean. (Please include “Clean BH” in the subject line of your emails.)

Your newly elected BH North Rep – Karim, and BH South Rep – Janis, will meet you at your Start Points at 9AM on Clean-up Day.

Beacon Hill Clean-Up Schedule

8:00 AM – Check BHCA Facebook Group to see if the Clean-up was rescheduled to 28 May due to inclement weather.

9:00 AM – Meet your BH North Rep – Karim or BH South Rep – Janis at your Start Point. Confirm where you will be cleaning and where you expect to leave full bags. Receive garbage bags, gloves and doughnut holes (if still available).

9:00 AM – Start cleaning.

12:00 PM – Finish cleaning. Report your progress and submit photos to (put “Clean BH” in the subject line of your email).

12:15 PM – Start Points will be closed and put away.

12:30 PM – Proceed to BH Community Centre to celebrate successes, photo ops, and pizza.

1:00 PM – End of Clean BH.

More information: 

BHCA Website (

City of Ottawa Website (